Konjac Oat Noodles

Konjac Oat Noodles, is a patent pending new product from Konjac Foods. Konjac oat noodles have zero calories, and are made with Konjac fiber and oat fiber. Konjac fiber also contains glucomannan, which is a water soluble dietary fiber. The oat fiber ingredient is made in the USA , it is mainly a water insoluble dietary fiber. Konjac oat noodles come in a wet form and are pre-packaged in water.

Traditionally konjac noodles, also known as Shirataki noodles or Konnyaku in Japanese, have zero calories, are transparent and look similar to Chinese glass noodles, however the traditional konjac noodles have a rubbery texture and are sometimes unable to absorb all flavors.

Konjac Foods has been focusing on improving the texture of the noodles, while still maintaining its zero calories. As a result, we have found that by adding oat fiber (made in the USA) it is easier for the noodles to absorb more flavor and the texture is also less rubbery. The oat fiber was able to make the texture of the konjac noodles tamer. The only difference is that the color of these noodles are light brown (due to the oat fiber.)

How They Are Packaged:

Konjac noodles come wet and are packed in little water. You must rinse the konjac noodles with water and then they are ready to eat.

How the Konjac Oat Noodles Taste:

Konjac Oat Noodles don't have a real taste of their own. Although in some cases, when you first open the bag you will notice a slightly fishy odor, but this can be easily washed off. Simply drain and rinse the noodles with cold water and repeat, after a short period of boiling, do a quick rinse with hot water and the smell will be completely gone.

Konjac Oat Noodles are a unique type of pasta, made by blending the konjac fiber and oat fiber flour, and unlike regular pasta, it is calorie free.

When compared to the traditional Konjac Shirataki noodles, Konjac oat pasta looks more like regular noodles with a light brown color (due to the oat fiber), it can easily absorb flavors, and has a less rubbery texture. It's a USA patent pending new food by Konjac Foods.

Konjac Oat Noodles are calorie free, they are easy to cook, simply rinse and drain them, then you may add them to your favorite recipe, either cold or hot.

Made with oat fiber and Konjac (glucomannan) fiber, the Konjac oat noodles contains both soluble fiber Konjac glucomannan and insoluble fiber oat fiber. The oat fiber is zero calories and you can add Konjac oat noodles to your favorite recipes that normally call for pasta.