Medical and Clinical
information on Konjac

Konjac glucomannan (KGM)is white in appearance due to processing. Konjac flour is used as a raw material, alcohol is used to purify the powder and remove starches, ash, cellulose, pigments, alkaloids, and other impurities; ultimately resulting in high-purity Glucomannan. The dry content of KGM is 90% odorless, high in viscosity, and looks like a transparent gel.

Konjac is a high alkaline food,which can be beneficial to those who have meats or other high acidic foods in their diets. By eating konjac, one can reach the food acid/ alkaline balance that the body needs; making it beneficial to human health.

Eight human body functions and Konjac

The main active ingredient in konjac food is glucomannan; it does not remain in the stomach upon eating to digest, which allows it to be effective in the absorption of cholesterol and bile acid, thus allowing it to inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and bile acid. Since it cannot be absorbed with saliva due to pancreatic amylase hydrolysis digestion and absorption, gluconmannan is able to offer the following bodily benefits: lipid-lowering, blood pressure lowering, stomach cleansing abilities, constipation alleviation, prevention of cancer and other functions.

Due to the benefits of KGM, the digestive tract, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, hemorrhoids, weight loss, and one’s beauty among other things can profoundly benefit.


Detoxification of its abundant plant cellulose, active bowel function assists in speeding up the excretion of the body of harmful toxins,as well as preventing, and reducing the incidence of intestinal disease lesions.


The well respected Chinese and Hong Kong sports community believe that a diet consisting of low caloric intake, without deliberate dieting, can help one achieve their ideal weight.


Laxatives found in grapes that contain the rich mannan, effectively stimulate the intestinal wall, keep the intestines healthy, control hemorrhoids, (in Japan they like to call KGM the, “‘intestinal scavenger’ or ‘iron rake sweep reputation.’“)

Clean the stomach:

Large amounts of soluble plant fiber are required to clean the stomach in order to promote gastric motility. Mannan can reduce the harmful substances in the stomach and improve the retention time to effectively protect the gastric mucosa, hence allowing the stomach to be cleaned.

Disease prevention:

Results in a medical study revealed that natural mannan inhibited disease prevention. The mannan fully demonstrated features that indicated: cholesterol lowering properties, lowering blood fat, lowering blood sugar, dilation of blood vessels, prevention of arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases; overall the study indicated that with the presence of Mannan, there was a longevity effect on the bodily functions that were studied.


The anti-diabetic plant konjac fiber has been medically proven to increase blood insulin, lower blood sugar, prevent and treat diabetes.

Balanced salt:

Salt balance or equilibrium can be regulated with Konjac. The daily recommended human intake for salt should not exceed 10 grams.


Konjac food naturally contains about 43 milligrams of calcium per serving, more importantly; it contains elements of highly soluble calcium that is easily absorbed by the body. One serving of Konjac Pasta, an equivalent to 250 grams per serving contains 20% of the daily value recommended for calcium.

Methods of konjac flour consumption

  • Body fat weight loss through fasting- Ingredients: take 3-5 grams of konjac powder, about 250ml warm water, mix with a spoon in a cup, and drink 2-3 times per day 15 minutes before meals (losing 1 kg can take 2-3 months!)
  • Diabetic patients- Drink 15-20 minutes before meals, use 5 grams of flour, add 200ml water, stir and drink! Drink 3-4 times per day.
  • Detoxifying laxative- Take 5 grams, add water, stir well, to drink about 200ml! Drink 1-2xs daily.
  • When making Konjac as a paste Use 3-5 grams of powder, put the powder in a container, add water, and stir. After the konjac powder and water are completely stirred, the paste may be eaten.
  • Konjac flour can be added in any soup. Add a tablespoon of flour into a vegetable soup.
  • Konjac flour may be added in any canned and nutrition powder drinks (milk powder, sesame paste, corn flour, buckwheat flour, etc.)

The principles of Konjac

  • KM as a soluble dietary fiber, it can form a protective layer around the food to prevent food from interfering with digestive enzymes.
  • KM swells in water (can enlarge up to 80-100 times bigger) can suppress appetite, reduce satiety, so that food intake is decreased.
  • KM can prevent cholesterol levels from rising.
  • KM can improve bowel function, it can increase the amount of bowel movements, and it plays a significant role of intestinal cleansing.

Simple to eat
Konjac flour 5g morning red, add 5g of honey, porridge (which are: red beans, mung beans, small potatoes D, lotus seeds, etc.) into the scoop half a teaspoon of gruel a good konjac flour in the filling, even one o'clock is not unpalatable. Good in the red at noon in Riga a half a teaspoon of Konjac flour porridge, and then the appropriate amount of lychee, peach, apricot, inflicted Ding also put into it, then put things right for the "Konjac fruit porridge" into the refrigerator temperature, the out When eating the honey and put a 5g, and taste very good!

The use of konjac flour

Research shows that Konjac possesses lipid-lowering, hypoglycemic, various anti-cancer functions, and contains natural laxatives. As a polymer, konjac glucomannan has strong absorption, its volume can be expanded up to 80-100 times after absorbing water; while other foods are not as easily digested and absorbed. Konjac contains properties that increase bile acid absorption, which in effect can lower bad (LDL) cholesterol, lower blood pressure and reduce cardiovascular disease on the onset of a certain effect.

  • Konjac medicinal ingredients can be cleared of fat deposition in the cardiovascular area and cholesterol levels.
  • Konjac is rich in dietary fiber, this is important since dietary fiber in the intestine can enhance intestinal peristalsis, facilitate bowel movement, reduce the amount of food in the gut residence time, and meat consumption can be excreted from about 12 hours to discharge upon eating konjac to about 7 hours in vitro. The gut residence time is reduced to 5 hours. As a result, the intestinal absorption of nutrients and the harmful substances in the stools are reduced.
  • Konjac flour volume swells after absorbing dry goods up to 100 times its own size. Konjac swells in the stomach, which allows the water to reach satiety naturally.
  • Long-term consumption of konjac flour products are not only conducive to treating obesity, but also conducive to treating constipation, high cholesterol and colon cancer prevention. Konjac also contains soluble dietary fiber, this type of fiber is a very effective inhibition of postprandial hyperglycemia, making konjac flour ideal for diabetic patients seeking low glycemic foods. Konjac reduces the burden after the application of islet.

Konjac contains a rare gel, which plays a vital role by forming semi-permeable membranes of different pore sizes attached to the intestinal mucosa to form a defensive barrier, hence blocking the intrusion of carcinogenic substances; playing a major role in cancer prevention. Konjac proves to offer a variety of factors that help in disease prevention and improve one’s overall health, hence regular consumption of Konjac is good for the body.

Amorphophallus (the Greek name for konjac) underground tubers can be processed into flour to use in meals. The pleasant taste of konjac flour is not only delicious, but also offers weight loss benefits, assists in healing during cancer and during cancer recovery, among its’ many other benefits. Konjac has received significant acclamation in the world in recent years, and was noted as " a magic food,” "a fantastic food," "a healthy food," and so on.

KGM as monosaccharides and cellulose bonding mode are similar to degradation in the small intestine, which cannot absorb a single sugar, making it beneficial for diabetics and those with high blood sugar levels. Precisely because of this, konjac can be appropriate for those that are on the raw foods diet.

Konjac- Where does it grow? In what climate does it grow in?

Konjac abundantly grows in the colder atmospheres natural to the mountainous regions of Asia.

Konjac grows in long roots and starches. We know that the body needs 7 major nutrients; one of those major nutrients is dietary fiber. There is a dietary fiber known as soluble dietary fiber, it melts together to create konjac noodles.

Konjac mannan is also found in grapes; it is useful in reducing blood sugar for people with diabetes. Due to its’ molecular weight and high viscosity, it can delay the absorption of glucose, effectively reduce postprandial blood glucose; ultimately reducing the burden of islets. Therefore, it can prevent arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases.

If one wants to lose weight, rid the body of fat, and simultaneously feed a family on just one food, there could not be a better food than Konjac.

Miraculous Anti-obesity functions

The main edible part of konjac is its’ underground tuber, which resembles a horseshoe.

From the nutritional point of view, konjac is low in protein, low in vitamins, and high in dietary fiber. High dietary fiber is its’ most effective and noteworthy nutrient. Soluble dietary fiber is the type of fiber found in Konjac. The main active ingredient is glucomannan, glucomannan can form a protective layer around the food, inhibit intestinal absorption of cholesterol and bile acid, extend food residence time in the stomach, and also in the bowel wall to form a protective film. In addition, the fiber can promote intestinal peristalsis; clearing the stomach and removing toxins. And, because it is absorbent, low in calories, it can promote satiety, reduce hunger, as well as lower weight, making it a diabetic and a weight loss friendly food.

Amazing health care functions

Konjac mannan found in grapes assist in reducing blood sugar in people with diabetes, because of its molecular weight, high viscosity, mannan can delay the absorption of glucose, effectively reduce postprandial blood glucose, hence reducing the burden of islets. Therefore, it can prevent arteriosclerosis and other cardiovascular diseases; as well as having a longevity effect on the bodily functions.

Konjac food is delicious

Konjac after processing can be made into various types of foods such as: konjac tofu (cakes, silk,) konjac noodles, konjac slices, konjac turned bionic food such as flowers and shrimp, prime, prime lamb kidney, plain belly slices, plain tendons, Su Duck, vegetarian squid, prime sea cucumbers, jellyfish, pork balls and so on.

Konjac and constipation prevention

Glucomannan, which is soluble hemicellulose, can also absorb water, increase stool volume, and improve the intestinal flora, the intestinal bacteria, and glycolysis which produces lower fatty acids. Glucomannan works by stimulating intestinal peristalsis, and because dietary fiber contains water, it will soften the stool, is conducivetodefecation.

Konjac flour contains a large number of high-quality dietary fiber, that is, Konjac glucomannan or KGM. KGM as a functional food can lower blood pressure, lower blood fat, act as a detoxification laxative, and control blood glucose with certain complementary therapeutic effects. Consuming KGM makes it easy to achieve satiety. Regular consumption of konjac flour can play a vital role in weight control and is proven to have slow weight loss effects. The mannan can help control weight; making it beneficial for one who’s ultimate goal is to lose or maintain their weight through diet and fitness. Moreover, there are lipid-lowering effects.

Mice, Konjac, and Cholesterol study

In a study where the effects of konjac on mice were examined, nutritionists divided the mice into two groups, both groups received an equal amount of the same high fat foods, and one group received konjac flour whereas, the control group of mice did not receive any konjac flour.

The results showed that the group of mice that were fed Konjac had cholesterol levels lower than 100 mg. Scientists believe that konjac contains a number of chemical substances that can lower serum cholesterol and triglycerides, which can effectively reduce high blood pressure and cardiovascular disease.

Konjac Gel

Konjac contains gel-like chemicals with anti-cancer magic. Once konjac has reached its’ maturity, it can be extracted from the ground, it is then grinded into konjac flour, after heating the flour and water it is at that time made into a gel. When consumed, the gel can form a semi-transparent film coat in the intestine, obstruction of various harmful substances, in particular, the absorption of carcinogens. Due to these functions, Konjac is also known as, the "anti-cancer clothing."

Konjac can increase the secretion of intestinal enzymes to speed up cleaning in the intestinal wall sediments, thereby reducing intestinal waste. Last but not least, Konjac is also beneficial to the human body as it contains: pectin, alkaloids, 17 amino acids and trace elements. For the modern diseases found in today’s day in age, konjac has a profound importance in treatment and prevention. Konjac also contains a natural antibiotic, innate to konjac flour as the main raw material, when coupled with other raw materials of food, the konjac can be formed on the surface bacterial film in the food, which can prevent bacterial invasion.

Therapeutic effects of Dietary fiber in Konjac

Konjac, the main component of glucomannan, is a substance containing soluble polysaccharides, from a nutritional viewpoint, this is an ideal soluble dietary fiber.

Dietary fiber in disease prevention has five effects:

First, dietary fiber absorbs water in the stomach, the volume increases and enhances satiety, and soluble fiber in its’ gel form delays the absorption of glucose and fat. Glucose and lipid levels are gradually decreased. As a result, high blood sugar and high blood lipids are decreased.

Second, in order to shorten the time that food stays in the stomach, in general, ordinary food needs 28 hours to empty from the intestine, and dietary fiber-rich foods only need 14-16 hours, which greatly reduces harmful substances absorption.

Third, the absorption of dietary fiber can help the body get rid off and dilute carcinogenic and toxic substances, which to some extent, provides anti-cancer functions.

Fourth, the fiber in the intestines through glycolysis allows the intestinal pH value to be decreased. The metabolic activity of the anaerobic bacteria group is the source of anti-tumor factors.

Fifth, the dietary fiber that turns cholesterol into bile acids can reduce the recycling of bile acids by the liver to lower cholesterol, which can restrain the increase in cholesterol.

The general population can eat konjac; konjac is the ideal food for diabetics and those that want to control obesity.

Konjac principles:
  • As a soluble dietary fiber, it can form a protective layer around the food to prevent the food from interfering with digestive enzymes.
  • Swelling (can enlarge up to 80-100 times,) can suppress appetite; promote satiety, so that overall food intake can be decreased.
  • It can delay and prevent cholesterol levels from rising, simple sugars and other nutrients, making them fat and reduce acid synthesis in the body.
  • Bowel function- it can increase the amount of bowel movements; so it has the role of intestinal cleansing.
Hypolipidemic, the anti-grease mechanism of liver
  • Cholesterol in the digestive tract can be combined with and hinder the absorption of neutral fat and cholesterol.
  • Konjac glucomannan powder within the bile acid absorption in the intestines can prevent the re-absorption of bile acids, so with the feces, thus accelerating the conversion of cholesterol to bile acids, resulting in lower cholesterol levels.
  • Konjac glucomannan powder within the microbial fermentation in the intestines break down, resulting in acid and other short-chain fatty acid production. These short-chain fatty acids are absorbed by the body; resulting in a lipid-lowering effect.
On the mechanism of glucose metabolism

As a dietary fiber, konjac has a good hypoglycemic effect.

  • Glucomannan delayed gastric emptying, hence reducing the rate of intestinal absorption of glucose.
  • Viscous glucomannan as the largest food fiber, can reduce and delay absorption of glucose.
  • Glucomannan reduces circulating levels of free fatty acids, improves insulin sensitivity and the impaired glucose tolerance.
The role of prevention and treatment of constipation

Konjac flour has a good purge of

  • Konjac fiber due to its’ strong ability to bind water, can increase the average daily wet fecal weight and fecal water content; as a result the stool becomes softened.
  • Konjac fiber is decomposed by the time the colon microflora to produce short-chain fatty acids, promote intestinal peristalsis, and can shorten the operating time and average time of intestinal bowel movement, so that a variety of harmful toxins leave the body with the assistance of fiber.
Weight loss

Konjac and weight loss
  • The main gum component of konjac glucomannan cannot be digested by the human body, as it does not provide nutrition.
  • The swelling of Glucomannan in the stomach can also delay the gastric emptying time, allowing one’s appetite to be suppressed, resulting in decreased food intake and allowing the feeling of fullness.
  • Works slowly to prevent cholesterol, sugar, and other nutrients absorbed.
  • Has the power of laxatives; it can increase the excretion of people, is conducive to weight loss.

This product is super purified konjac powder. It does not melt and it does not smell. It is purified by alcohol and it is currently the highest quality of konjac flour available.

Use 3 times per day to lose weight. One can lose two pounds in two months. It is a very cost-effective health weight loss necessity. This natural diet food causes the body no harm.


  • Body fat weight loss: When fasting before meals, take 4-5 grams of this product, add about 250ml of water Mix, you can drink! 2-3 times per day!
  • Diabetic patients take 5-10 minutes before meals, take 5 grams of this product, add 200ml water, stir and drink! Drink 3-4 times a day.

Konjac details:

  • Super micro powder
  • white in appearance
  • odorless
  • dissolves fast
  • high viscosity
  • gel transparency

Food processing of konjac flour:

In order to make konjac flour (powder) the konjac root is extracted from the ground, then it is processed as a raw material, alcohol is used to purify and remove the starch, ash, cellulose, pigments, alkaloids, and other impurities from the konjac root, resulting in high quality glucomannan,with the dry content of up to 80 -93%. During the production and processing, with the help of modern advanced technology and the usability of alcohol as a purifier, we are able to abstain from using any chemical additives to ensure product quality and purity.

Effects of Konjac on the human body:

Blood purification: Konjac glucomannan can successfully inhibit intestinal cholesterol and bile acid absorption and other fatty substances that are absorbed through decomposition, get rid of extra fat, reduce blood fat and cholesterol, reduce serum triglycerides and total cholesterol volume, so one can prevent hypertension, hyperlipidemia, and other cardiovascular diseases. Studies have found that if one has up to 3 grams of Konjac glucomannan per day and adheres to long-term consumption, results will indicate the benefits of Konjac.

  • Scavenger gastrointestinal tract: A large number of studies have shown that the unique bundle of konjac gel fiber, can make the filling to maintain a certain degree of bowel and promote physiological intestinal peristalsis, stool softening, speed up the defecation rate, reduce the intestinal pressure, and relieve the pain of constipation.
  • Colorectal cancer killer: The unique bundle of konjac gel fibers, can induce intestinal toxic heavy metals and quickly eliminate food, reduce exposure to hazardous substances and the time spent at the intestinal wall, preventing the intestinal absorption of hazardous substances, they are removed from the stomach, intestines, the unique bundle of konjac gel fibers have gallbladder retention properties, reduce colon, rectum, the probability of harmful bacteria from forming, konjac is the ideal anti-cancer health food product.
  • The benefit to diabetic patients: The viscosity of konjac glucomannan largely increases in chyme viscosity of the digestive tract, the gastric lumen chyme residence time of the paste is delayed, forms a protective film in the intestinal wall, effective in inhibition of glucose and urine sugar value increase. Domestic and foreign experts study confirmed that people with diabetes Konjac foods are an ideal food, reduces blood sugar, improve symptoms, control of the disease effect.
  • The best healthy food: konjac in the "Hai Manna" material, makes sense of fullness after eating, thereby reducing the number of people to food intake and energy consumption of the body fat, is conducive to control people's weight, to achieve natural weight loss. Consumers often eat healthy, maintain bodily fitness.
  • Calcium: 100 grams of konjac natural food about 43 milligrams of calcium, more importantly, it contains elements of the highly soluble calcium absorbed by the body, this also comes as calcium-rich calcium preferred share.
  • Balanced salt: Konjac regulate or balance the body with the effect of salt. (Proof of nutrition, the human daily intake of salt should be maintained at 10g or less)
  • Detoxification: the wealth of plant cellulose, active bowel function to help speed up the excretion of the body of harmful toxins, disease prevention and reduction of disease incidence of the intestinal system.
  • Stomach Cleansing: a large number of soluble plant fiber to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can reduce the harmful substances in the stomach, gall-hsiang of the retention time to effectively protect the gastric mucosa, cleaning the stomach.
  • Weight loss: the United States Walsh confirmed with double blind method konjac weight loss. Konjac dietary fiber in foods filling the role in the stomach, increasing the feeling of fullness, and can reduce the heat absorption of nutrients, obesity prevention can be achieved and slow weight loss goals.
  • A study conducted among 20 overweight participants, each participant had 1g of glucomannan in 200 ml of water, when the 8 week time frame for the study was over, on average body weight decreased by 2.5kg, with no side effects being reported. Each participant in the study did not alter their prior diet beforehand.

Because glucomannan contains absorbent swelling, meaning the daily intake of konjac can not be too much, otherwise one will have a strong feeling of fullness, one will naturally reduce the consumption of other foods, and therefore konjac will play a main role during weight loss. One cannot rely solely on konjac to live, every individual needs to carefully eat in accordance to the needs of their body, with particular attention to high-quality protein, adequate intake of vitamins and minerals.

Konjac flour can help one lose weight effectively- The Konjac Diet

With the konjac flour diet, many have lost weight. Konjac flour is no stranger to aiding in weight loss; let’s investigate the konjac flour weight loss method in further detail.

Konjac contains large amounts of dietary fiber particularly glucose mannose dietary fiber, water, minerals, and digestive enzymes that break down minerals.As a result, the konjac has almost no calories, is fat free, and by eating konjac one will begin to feel full faster and naturally reduce the intake of other foods. One must keep in mind that they cannot solely rely on konjac, as konjac is insufficient in all vitamins and minerals. This weight loss method has some merits, but it can also be carried out in conjunction with other weight loss methods to achieve the desired weight loss.

Let's take a look at how to drink konjac flour.

  • First take an empty glass, add cold water (cold milk, cold juice, one of them.) Do not use carbonated beverages, such as, Coke, Sprite, etc. Fill the cup with water or the chosen beverage about 4/5th of the cup capacity,
  • After the water is in the cup, remove the powder, slowly sprinkle the surface, then take a spoon and mix the water rapidly. Mix with the spoon in clockwise rotation. Use 4-5 grams or about half a teaspoon of powder.
  • Mixing time is about 2 minutes, once the stirring time is completed, you will see a transparent paste, so at that point stop stirring.
  • Once mixing is complete, stop for 1 minute, allow to fully expand, then you can enjoy your beverage!
Konjac flour is very good for weight loss
  • Once you have chosen the Konjac flour diet and want to reach your weight loss results; do not rebound.
  • You may continue eating what you normally eat. The konjac powder is safe to use with any diet.
  • Konjac can help you lose weight without eating less. Konjac powder has a naturally unique physical effect on the body that allows the powder to expand up to 80 times upon digestion. This effect will allow you to feel full faster. Taking into consideration that konjac is absent of side effects, konjac can be the best weight loss drug for many consumers.
  • When using konjac powder as a weight loss product, unlike other weight loss foods, konjac is 100% natural, with anti-cancer and hypoglycemic effects.
  • Proper amounts of protein in one’s diet can absorb excess fat, and since konjac lacks protein it can be added it yogurt to create a healthy protein snack.

Konjac flour is able to fight obesity, because the konjac flour contains 0 calories compared to ordinary foods.

The health properties of konjac
  • Konjac medicinal ingredients can clear a deposition of fat and cholesterol in the cardiovascular region.
  • Konjac is rich in dietary fiber, dietary fiber in the intestine could enhance intestinal peristalsis, facilitate bowel movement, reduce the food in the gut residence time, konjac can help meat consumption time to be excreted from about 12 hours to discharge, however, from eating konjac about 7 hours in vitro. The amount of time stools spend in the intestines can be reduced to about 5 hours. As a result, the intestinal absorption of nutrients is reduced; simultaneously the harmful substances in the stools that can harm the body are reduced.
  • Konjac flour volume swells after absorbing a large amount of food. Konjac swells in the stomach after the water in konjac creates a sense of fullness, naturally one will no longer want to eat.
  • Long-term consumption of konjac flour products are not only conducive to obesity, but also advantageous to treatment of constipation, high cholesterol and helpful in preventing stomach and colon cancer. In general, konjac is known to be a diet food, but in actuality, anyone can use konjac whether you are a health foods fan or are just interested in konjac.

Konjac also contains soluble dietary fiber, this specific type of fiber is a very effective inhibition of postprandial hyperglycemia, making konjac flour and its products ideal for patients with diabetes as it is a hypoglycemic food.

Konjac Tofu
The konjac tofu line uses the flat spherical tubers of konjac, which are rich in starch and pectin,and when cooked this food can be used as medicine.

Amorphophallus konjac are traditionally dry products, such as: konjac flour, konjac tofu, konjac noodles, konjac jelly, etc. Other products that are also made of konjac flour include: pixel kidney, prime fish, and various meat dishes.

Konjac tofu is made by using Konjac powder, it is stirred in boiling water, an appropriate amount of lime is then added, when the powder is absorbed by the water it will expand into a sauce like texture. Once the konjac powder and water have reached a boiling point, a sauce texture is formed, the sauce is given time for cooling, and then finally, a brown shaped tofu is formed!

Konjac Tofu Recipe:

Cut the konjac tofu into small thumb sized pieces. Put the tofu into a large pot with boiling water; add a pinch of salt. After the water has finished boiling; simmer over low heat on the stove. Guests will use the colander to scoop from your bowl. Top the tofu with hot pepper, or any hot or mild sauce that you prefer, sprinkle with chopped green onion, and add pork. Serve on a skewer. The tofu is now ready to be served.

Konjac tofu will take the flavor of anything that you add to it. This is an ideal addition to a meal for meat lovers. In addition to the enjoyable taste of konjac tofu, its other purpose is that it can help prevent hypertension, diabetes, gallstones, and atherosclerosis.

Interesting picture:

Amorphophallus largest konjac in the world:
Weight 25.38 kg of konjac tube, konjac circumference of 1.45 meters large, diameter 45 cm, height 24 cm.

Konjac flour

Main components: Konjac has a high molecular weight, the glucomannan is non-iconic, it is mainly composed of mannose and glucose, the two have a molar ratio of about 1.6:1.0.
The glucomannan is slightly branched to β-1, 4 glycosidic linkages, with the average molecular weight of 200,000 to 2,000,000 Daltons. Glucomannan’s main chain acetyl group give it its’ dissolution characteristics, the average 9-19 sugar residues have an acetyl group. Konjac flour typically is white to a light brown color.

Properties: Konjac powder can be dispersed in hot water and cold water, in pH 4.0 to 7.0. It is formed under conditions of high viscosity solution. Heating and mechanical stirring increase its solubility. Konjac flour solution plus alkali produces a heated gel, when tested in the conditions of prolonged heating, the gel did not melt.

The uses in food and cooking: gelling agent, thickener, film former, emulsifier, stabilizer, and weight loss products.

Konjac flour Recipe:

  • Body fat weight loss through fasting. Take 3-5 grams of powder, about 250ml of warm water, drink 2-3 times per day at 15 minutes before meals. You can drop 1 kg in 2-3 months!
  • Diabetic patients: Drink 15-20 minutes before meals, take 5 grams of powder, add 200ml of water, stir and drink! Drink 3-4 times per day.
  • Detoxifying laxative by: Take 5 grams of powder, add water, and stir well to drink about 200ml! Drink 1-2 times a day.
  • In the preferred soup of your choice, add konjac powder.
  • You may also add konjac powder to any canned food or a nutritional powder, i.e.: canned milk powder, sesame paste, corn flour, buckwheat flour, etc.
  • You may add konjac powder to any processed food that you desire.

Konjac foods has been recognized by the United Nations Food Health Organization as a valuable natural health food.

Weight loss principles of konjac flour

The concept is to lose weight through konjac flour. Since konjac flour has no taste, one needs to have a great determination to lose weight. It is advised that one should consume konjac flour with fruit or milk to enhance the flavor. There is no need to diet or eat less when one is seeking to lose weight through konjac flour. You may continue to eat what you regularly eat whether its’: meat, fish, dairy products, fruits, beans, etc. Drink plenty of water throughout the day, when using konjac flour.

To maximize weight loss results through the konjac flour diet it is advised that the directions below are followed:

It is important two eat two pickles during breakfast. Fruit is required. Eat 2-3 fruits before lunch time; if you sprinkle some konjac powder on your fruit that’s even better. The greatest advantage of this approach is to let your body become weak to alkalization.

Konjac water swelling weight loss

The content of glucomannan in konjac is as high as 60%.

Why use Konjac flour instead of a weight loss pill?

Many believe that weight loss drugs are more effective, therefore they are more feasible. Contrary to popular belief, many weight loss drugs are dangerous and they even if they claim that they are not. The older generation, especially, tend to be reluctant to try alternative, pill-free methods of losing weight.

Currently, there is a more popular international way to lose weight and that is through Konjac. How does konjac work to help someone lose weight? Konjac works to help one lose weight naturally. Since the main component of konjac, glucomannan, when digested swells in the stomach after it is exposed to liquid. As a result, one feels full faster and eats less.

Konjac has been growing as an herb for many years, with the main component being glucomannan.

Maintaining a balanced diet.

Konjac flour is not a staple food to eat. One cannot solely rely on konjac for all meals, as konjac lacks the required daily intake of nutrients necessary for the body. To avoid encountering any nutritional imbalances, it is important to eat other foods. To make the weight loss effects of konjac lost lasting, a balanced diet and moderate exercise should be followed.

However, I have also heard that weight loss konjac flour consumption certainly, but a slow, long-term adherence to, then I would believe it. And not only can lose weight eating konjac, its role in health care too much, you can check yourself, so only long-term consumption for health is also necessary to you?

Another problem, many people feel hard to swallow konjac flour, konjac powder can in fact match up with a lot of things to eat, because the taste can easily be of konjac covered, what do you like your food even though it is saying mixed up, such as honey, sesame seeds paste, soybean milk powder, wheat germ, Guozhen, rice pudding etc etc ... ... can not remember what else.

As for the brewing method, take an example of sesame paste, sesame paste the first good punch, the hub of a very dilute attention must not be the normal amount, we just borrow it just taste good, then slowly sprinkle in the sesame paste konjac flour Caesar side of the bowl while stirring, a little more attention to water, so after a good punch is not good eating too thick, stir together wheat germ can be after a good, honey or something, anyway, after a test you want to add anything; then there are Chong who is not too hot, hot water, konjac flour prepared and will soon become particularly thick, what if you want to add hot water to be washed well, then you put a small amount of hot water first it ran good and then put some cold water or warm water against what; then there are washed immediately after a good drink, because even a place for a warm brew it will become very thick. I washed it very thin, very quickly drank it.

Konjac flour and method of weight loss Introduction

The main active ingredient konjac foods make the stomach to digest human consumption, not after, the effective absorption of cholesterol and bile acid, and can inhibit the intestinal absorption of cholesterol and bile acid. At the same time, because it can not be absorbed people's saliva and pancreatic amylase hydrolysis and digestion and absorption, so the digestive tract, cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases diet, beauty and others have a significant effect.

  • detoxification: its rich plant cellulose, active bowel function to help speed up the excretion of the body of harmful toxins, disease prevention and reduction of disease incidence of the intestinal system.
  • diet: low in calories to meet the people's diet full of pleasure without fertilization, without deliberately dieting, which can achieve the ideal weight loss diet.
  • catharsis: a wealth of grapes contained mannan, effectively stimulate the intestinal wall, maintain intestinal fresh, immediate effects of combat hemorrhoids
  • clean the stomach: a large number of soluble plant fiber to promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, can reduce the harmful substances in the stomach, gall-hsiang of the retention time to effectively protect the gastric mucosa, cleaning the stomach.

Of course, there are many other benefits of konjac it, but the light of these can make you healthy to lose weight.

Let us look at the konjac in China's history, in our country, konjac as a medicine and food use more than 2000 years of history, making use of konjac food by the United Nations WHO identified as one of the top ten health foods. From the nutritional point of view, Konjac is a kind of low-heat, low protein, low vitamin and high dietary fiber foods, high dietary fiber is its effective nutrients.

Let's take a look at how the consumption of konjac

  • First take an empty glass, add cold water (cold milk, cold juice, one of them.) Note that "carbonated beverages can not use" if (Coke). Cup water ratio is about four-fifths of the capacity, the ratio of water to adjust the volume by the cup
  • After the water into the cup, remove the powder, the powder "slowly" and sprinkle the surface of the water at the same time, take a chopstick and rapid mixing. To clockwise stirring, not good or poor mixing back and forth! ! ! Powder ratio is 4 to 5 grams. (4-5 grams is generally about half a teaspoon of ceramic spoon)
  • mixing time is about 2 minutes, stirring is completed, see transparent paste, stop stirring.
  • mixing is complete, stop for 1 minute, allowed to fully expand, you can slowly and enjoy.

How to lose weight with the release of konjac
Konjac is a low-calorie, high fiber diet food detox. Why lose weight konjac can it? How to use Konjac lose weight? Have to look at the nutritional value of konjac.

Nutritional value of konjac
Konjac is a low-calorie, high fiber diet food detox.

According to modern pharmacological research found that grapes contain konjac mannan has a strong water absorption, the swelling increased to the original volume after the 80 ~ l00 feeling of fullness after eating, can greatly reduce one of the most food reward best detox diet food intake, is an ideal diet food.

Konjac is also rich in plant cellulose, can promote gastrointestinal peristalsis, reduce body fat absorption time, speed up the excretion of harmful intestinal toxins, the timely removal of waste deposited in the gut.

Thus, regular consumption of lipid-lowering konjac with detoxification, diet fitness effect.

How to use Konjac to lose weight?

To lose weight with Konjac, eat grains with konjac flour and pasta in the evening as your last meal. You may also eat meat or vegetables during your breakfast, but it is advised that a more appropriate meal would be a breakfast egg. This is advised because the body cannot burn fat quickly if there is a lack of protein.

It is important to note that when eating konjac for the purpose of weight loss, products with sugar should be avoided. If sugar products are consumed daily, the rate of weight loss will be very slow.

The best of weight loss products- Konjac

Many people in the pursuit of finding the so-called best way to lose weight eventually choose weight loss products (diet pills.) Many of the hormonal weight loss drugs can cause endocrine disorders. It is necessary to consider the best food that can assist in weight loss, rather than blindly choosing the most effective weight loss drug.

You may have never heard of Konjac, although it’s herb name: Araceae perennial is widely used.
Konjac consists in a large family of species; there are about 130 worldwide, with 30 different kinds in China. Konjac grows abundantly in China, providing crops that contain glucomannan.
Konjac has become widely admired in recent times because of its multiple health benefits. Konjac is naturally low fat, high in fiber, is proven to lower blood sugar, lower blood pressure, detoxify, promote beauty, aid in weight loss, and alleviate constipation and other gastrointestinal effects. Additionally, konjac contains 10 kinds of amino acids that the body needs.

Konjac root is a plant rich in glucomannan. The planting area is in the Sichuan Province of China. The research shows it has a lipid-lowering, blood glucose lowering, and other anti-cancer functions.