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Jelly Powder

Jelly is a kind of snack popular with people. Since it is suitable for customers of different ages, the annual sales volume is increasing step by step year after year. According to the changeful market demand, our company produces 12 varieties of jelly powders in terms of our technical force, which are applied to produce jellies of high grade, middle grade and low grade. Our company is sophisticated in jelly production, so we can adjust configuration of jelly powder according to requirements of different specifications of jellies. Moreover, we have been developing newer and better products for market upon our technical advantage.

Using Carrageenan blend with konjak gum as gelling agent can make good-quality, low-price jelly, so it is a better choice comparing to other gels such as agar, gelatin and pectin, etc. The jelly produced with our company's jelly powder has virtues of elastic feeling, better taste and good transparency. The use level is 0.5-0.8% of jelly quantity.

We can supply not only the jelly powder, but also can supply the formula, technic know-how and, manufacturing turnkey-project.

type name reference amount boxage
JT101 particular transparence1# 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)
JT102 particular transparence2# 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)
JT103 particular transparence3# 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)
JT104 high transparence 0.5--0.8% 25kg/bag(box)
JT105 jelly block 0.25--0.35% 25kg/bag(box)
JT201 konjak 1.0--1.4% 25kg/bag(box)
JT202 high transparence and filtration exemption 0.5--0.8% 25kg/bag(box)
JT203 whole transparent 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)
JH101 puddin1# 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)
JH102 pudding2# 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)
JH201 pudding of filtration exemption 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)
JH202 feculent 0.5--0.7% 25kg/bag(box)

Reference of formulation:

Percentage %
Jelly powder
Sodium citrate
Citric acid
Add to 100







Method of using jelly powder:
1.Mix jelly powder, sugar and sodium citrate, and then put them into water
2.Heat until boiling and keep the temperature with 5-10 minutes, then filter.
3.Cool to 65C, and juice, citric, flavor and color.
4.Fill and seal.
5.Put in water bath 80C for 30 minutes to sterilize.
6.Cool in cold water, air dry.
7.Packing and store.

More detail information about jelly powder

Soft sweets gelling agent
llJelly drops powder produced by our company is compound colloid having carrageeenen as principal part. It is a kind of heat reversible gelatinizer specially used to produce jelly drops. Compared with other gelatinizers, it is characterized by low cost and simple operation. The jelly drops produced by our company have the features of attractive appearance, high transparence, springiness and low heat value. It is not greasy or sticky and it won't melt in summer. Nutrient content may be added into it to produce high-grade tonic jelly drops

type name reference amount boxage
SR01 soft sugarItype 1.0--1.4% 20kg/bag(box)

soft sugarIItype

1.0--1.5% 20kg/bag(box)
SR03 soft sugarIII type 1.0--1.5% 20kg/bag(box)

Soft drink gelling agent & stabilizer

According to market demand, our company has developed a series of compound powders applied to produce beverage as stabilizer and gelatinizer. For an instance, deflocculant is special suspension stabilizer used in production of pulp beverage and some other products. Characterized by its high viscosity, high suspension force, excellent fluidity and stability, it is universally applied to series of suspension beverages such as orange granule, water chestnut juice, UFO, kelp soup and white fungus soup etc.

type name reference amount boxage
DY01 suspension Itype 0.03--0.05% 25kg/bag(box)
DY02 suspension II type 0.15--0.3% 25kg/bag(box)
DY03 beverage stabalizing agent 0.03--0.05% 25kg/bag(box)

Other Jelling Agent

type name reference amount boxage
GT101 blancmange 1.0--1.2% 25kg/bag(box)
GT102 lamb cake powder 1.0--1.4% 25kg/bag(box)
GT103 blancmange 1.0--1.4% 25kg/bag(box)

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