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Konjac Noodles - Pure Fiber , Zero-Calorie    
How are Konjac Foods Made?

Konjac foods can easily be made by mixing Konjac flour with limewater. When this mixture is boiled, a gel forms. While Konjac foods can be made at home, manufacturers typically produce Konjac food using the following method:

Wash the Konjac root, peel the skin, cut into small pieces
Dry the Konjac root and mill or mash the small pieces into a powder
In a large pot add the Konjac powder along with water and stir
Add calcium hydroxide
Boiling the liquid until a gel forms
Form the gel and cold down become Konjac foods

Konjac Shirataki Noodles

Konjac Plant

Konjac root (Konjac corm)

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