The most viscosity soluble fiber in nature
Konjac Glucomannan

Chronic use of glucomannan in the dietary treatment of severe obesity

Minerva Med. 1992 Mar;83(3):135-9. [Article in Italian]
Vita PM, Restelli A, Caspani P, Klinger R.
Centro per la Farmacoterapia delle Malattie Nutrizionali, Universita degli Studi di Milano.

Two groups of 25 severely obese patients underwent 3 months of hypocaloric diet therapy either alone or associated with a glucomannan-based fibrous diet supplement (approx. 4 g/die in 3 doses). The comparative analysis of the results obtained in both groups showed that the diet + glucomannan group had a more significant weight loss in relation to the fatty mass alone, an overall improvement in lipid status and carbohydrate tolerance, and a greater adherence to the diet in the absence of any relevant side effects. Due to the marked ability to satiate patients and the positive metabolic effects, glucomannan diet supplements have been found to be particularly efficacious and well tolerated even in the long-term treatment of severe obesity.

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Clinical Trial
Randomized Controlled Trial


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